Awan Had Remote Access to House Server From Pakistan (Video)

While the media stays fixated on Hollywood’s perversions, the Wasserman Schultz-Awan IT scandal remains ignored regardless over how national security was clearly compromised. Aside from fraudulent loans and granting IT access to unqualified individuals who clearly posed security risk, Luke Rosiak, of the Daily Caller whose been all over this story, revealed in a House Taxed Enough Already Caucus hearing that Imram Awan had access to the House’s server from Pakistan!

Awans had full access to the House members computer systems, their emails and other sensitive information. This IS the hacking story the Left doesn’t want to talk about because it’s not about Russia or Pres Trump. The question people have to wonder and ask is how much information was taken and given, or sold to enemies of the US by the Awans?

Now everyone can go back to talking about pervert Weinstein while Hollywood makes excuses why they were silent when they knew what was going on for years.

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