Hollywood is Such a Cesspool Weinstein’s Contract Allowed For Sexual Harassment! (Video)

How low can Hollywood possibly go? The Weinstein scandal is just the tip of the iceberg over how corrupt and perverted these elitists, who lead DC around with a leash with their power of influence, truly are. That’s why this scandal matters, DC and Hollywood are joined at the hip, they use each other for power money and control. TMZ got wind of Weinstein’s employment contract with The Weinstein Company, in a nutshell they KNEW Harvey had serious sexual harassment issues, so much so they had penalties built into the contract!

How many other executives and power brokers in Commiewood work for companies who know about their depravity, were given similar deals or nothing at all!

Props to those finally coming forward but none of them are getting a medal! Until these rich spoiled professional liars start naming names they’re not getting an ounce of sympathy. Far too many have spoken up about abuse yet will not name perpetrators. They are in fact putting career ahead of people: women, children and yes men. That goes for you Terry Crews, James Vanderbeek, Corey Feldman etc. Don’t give us the whining that the statute of limitations is up and you’ll be sued. Guess what that is the price you pay for putting career ahead of doing whats right. How many more people’s lives have to be destroyed because they were/ are sexually molested or raped because you don’t want to get sued?

To Hell With ALL of You!

More of this is going to surface, more executives will be outed. I’m no fan of Rose McGowan’s politics but she is unleashing hell on the industry, where hopefully others will feel strong enough to finally come forward. Frankly I hope you people burn yourselves to the ground. That cesspool you all exist in, needs a massive purge.