Pelosi Wants Congress to Take Authority of Nuclear First Strike Away From POTUS (Video)

Nancy Pelosi more or less wants America to wait, should things come to it, to release nuclear weapons. “There are all kinds of proposals out there, one saying ‘declaring the United States of America will not engage in first use of a nuclear weapon’. I like that one best. In other words the US would have to get hit before a strike would be initiated, where Congress would be the ones making the decision to launch or not! Don’t assume if they were to have this authority they would authorize a launch. You know the people who can’t repeal obamacare, want to disarm us while arming Iran (and North Korea for that matter), who pass destructive bills in the middle of the night and in general can’t agree on anything. The same people who act in their best interests, becoming millionaires at our expense.

It’s quite insulting when Pelosi talks about the oath they take to defend America when she, and her ilk, more or less want us to get hit first with nukes. That is what she is saying, like it or not.

If tensions get so bad, a nuclear strike is imminent, do we really want a bunch of politicians debating on the House and Senate floor whether or not to launch nuclear weapons? You’ve seen the footage of how debates go on very heated subjects. Need you be reminded of the all-night filibusters? Could you imagine A democrat or republican holding up the vote to launch or not! XYZ’s missiles are inbound, they’ll hit their target in approximately 40 MINUTES but let’s have a debate and then vote what to do. AND YOU KNOW America, there will be many, on both sides of the aisle, who will argue against launching missiles EVER AFTER an attack against the US, leaving 10’s, 100’s of thousands if not millions dead and injured!

This is the exact reason the decision to launch rests solely with the President of the United States who will already consult with military leaders. Pelosi knows this, so why she suggests POTUS to discuss with cabinet and/ or congressional members just goes to show how wacky she’s become.

Time is not a luxury, again, on avg, missiles from the time they’re launched to the time they reach their target is approx 40 minutes!! Imagine tensions being high, we know launch is imminent from an enemy and these baboons want to have a debate whether or not to respond.

Democrats are so unhinged they want to seize power from the Executive Branch. Yes, Sen Markey and Rep Lieu intro’d bill while obama was in office, but that had no support, this time around because Trump, a republican, is in office, dems want to push it through. Be happy the GOP holds majority, for now, and let it be a lesson to you elections have consequences.