Sharpton Furious Over Jemele Hill Suspension, Threatens Boycott Against ESPN (Video)

Wow big shocker Al Sharpton going to call for a boycott against ESPN over suspending Jemele Hill, who “suggested” a boycott against the Dallas Cowboy’s and owner Jerry Jones.

That is a call for a boycott against the Cowboys. Yet Hill tweeted she wasn’t calling for one against the NFL!!

Yes, Jemele Hill has the right to express her views BUT when she is on the clock or is under contract no she doesn’t! People seem to think you can do and say what you want while you’re working for a company or under special/ specific contract. No you can’t, because you are damaging that businesses reputation and integrity you represent. Little advice folks, be careful what you sign when you go to work for a company, READ the contract!

As an individual, private citizen on your time can say what you want, go stand on a soapbox on the busiest corner of your town/ city and have at it, so long as it doesn’t violate any contracts you signed(We assume Hill signed a social media policy agreement). It’s the same difference working for a company being granted access to proprietary information and signing an NDA to it. The NDA doesn’t apply from M-F/ 9-5! You’re under contract to keep your trap shut in and outside of work, 24/7/365, and in many cases beyond that after you have left! The theory applies to companies like ESPN (who are no angels getting political) with social media policies employees, like Hill, agree to when they sign their name on contracts! This is contract law 101 kids, she’s in breach!

Sharpton going on the attack is typical, he’s always looking for an angle to make money and, attempt, to stay relevant while invoking the race card.

While many detest ESPN for being political, the company has a right to discipline its employees when they violate policies. Sharpton couldn’t careless about rules, policies, the law or contracts being breached. He’s pariah who should’ve been dealt with by now! Why hasn’t he been locked up for tax evasion?