Bernie Sanders Admits That Democrats Want to Raise Taxes on Everyone (Video)

Here it is America, courtesy of Bernie Sanders, proof beyond a shadow of a doubt of what all democrats and socialists want. They want to raise taxes, take YOUR money to spend it on programs like healthcare they want to control. Sen Sanders left that part out when he admitted dems want to raise taxes on everyone. Sure healthcare for all, but who is calling the shots? The very people who want to take your money! He made Sen Cruz’s job that much easier to show the differences between conservatives and liberals.

Liberals think YOUR money is theirs to spend as they please. Whether it’s for healthcare, sending aid to countries who HATE us, or blowing it on illegal aliens. The flip side, as Cruz explains, conservatives want the people to keep as much of their money as possible, “We want to cut your taxes and let you spend your money”. The argument couldn’t be any more clear. But there is a downside to tax reform being proposed:
If DC was truly serious about tax reform, they would abolish the tax code and the IRS, replacing it with a flat tax!