Repubs Call For Special Investigation Into REAL Collusion Between Clinton, DNC and Russia – Video

The special counsel investigation.. witch hunt into alleged claims of collusion [not a crime] between the Trump administration and Russia is all being run by people appointed by Bob Mueller, who are Clinton and obama loyalists. Reps Gaetz and Jordan are calling for a special investigation into just about everyone involved over the special treatment Clinton has been receiving from the DOJ. But such an investigation wouldn’t stop there it will have to include the DNC and their dealings with Russia with respect to the fake dossier used to go after the Trump camp. Do we even need to mention the Uranium One deal?! The collusion Mueller is looking for with Trump, but will never find it, is really between the Clinton’s, DNC, DOJ, and Russia!

We wouldn’t be here if Atty Gen Jeff Sessions was the stand up guy, and “Mr Law and Order,” he portrayed himself to be over the years. When time came for him to step up, he cowered and recused himself from just about everything as Jordan points out, “He doesn’t know where his recusals starts and stops.”

This investigation is perfect example of how corrupt Washington, DC has become where no one can be trusted. We have a handful of rebels, like Gaetz and Jordan, going up against a massive machine obama helped create was so close to switching on had Clinton won. None of this corruption would ever be known had Clinton won. THAT is why so many are involved with covering things up, attacking the Trump admin 24/7.

Reported here many times, but make no mistake, what you’re witnessing is a silent coup these guys and few others are trying to stop!