Schumer Wants “Pause” on Tax Reform Vote Until Jones is Sworn-In – Video

Does Chuck Schumer have a pair or what!! When Justice Scalia died the Senate minority leader was saying the same thing about the appointment of his successor. He wanted the outgoing President [obama] to choose the next SCOTUS Justice, even though in the past he argued against it when his party did not hold the Presidency. Curious, why didn’t Chuck mention this when he used the Scott Brown example!? Chuck always wants the democrats to have a say when they are not in the driver’s seat and then he runs to the mic when they don’t get their way. As of right now the tax reform bill is in conference waiting final draft to be voted on.

Why should Doug Jones have a say in the tax bill, when he was not around for any of the fight that got us here? Does anyone believe if the roles were reversed Schumer, as majority leader, wouldn’t be ramming a bill through after a special election, where a seat flips to the GOP, to avoid that vote against his agenda?! Knowing Chuck, he would accelerate the timeline to get the bill done. The man is just despicable with the games he plays, making demands, shaming and the whole “let’s play fair. This man has never done anything fair unless it enriched him.

  • Charlotte Lazaro

    he does have a nerve what about his daughter telling us about this pig of a man getting her girlfriend p regnant by shumer TWICE as a teen and wifey paid her off hmm how come nobodY is tearing into this/

  • Shaun Ragland

    Schummer, the guy who wants President Trump to prove he’s not a white supremacist by allowing illegal aliens to vote ???
    Didn’t this asshole swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States ???

    Where exactly in the Constitution does it say illegal aliens can vote in our elections ??? Or felons ?

    For the first time in history the Democrats had a 92% turn out rate for the vote in Alabama. So many people they had to use busses to get them there, HMMMMM ??

    First time in 20 years a Democrat has won an election in Alabama which is a red state !
    The dems are getting good at this voter fraud thing aren’t they !!