House Intel Chair: Congress Will Hold Sessions in Contempt 📺

House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes called into Fox & Friends saying Congress will hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt over refusing to handover documents they’ve requested.

The DOJ has been using one excuse after another, stonewalling Congressional oversight in the name of national security. We’ve seen documents that have been released and redacted after further review the redacted info was not top secret or of matters of national security, but solely to protect individuals of potential biased activity.

Jeff Sessions is a failed AG who should’ve been fired after recused himself, at the direction of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who is knee-deep in soft coup against Pres Trump. Rosenstein and Mueller are protecting Hillary and really themselves by going after Trump for their involvement with Uranium One, among other things. Uranium One and Hillary Clinton would be under investigation and the witch hunt against Pres Trump would not be happening if it weren’t for the inept, incompetent, impotent Jeff Sessions.

Nunes and company should move quickly to hold him in contempt vs threats as they’ve done with Rosenstein to release documents. People need to be held accountable and if necessary removed from office. This fiasco of protecting unindicted felon Clinton while persecuting Trump for doing his job cannot be tolerated anymore. The American people want justice, and that will not happen so long as Jeff Sessions is running the DOJ.