Judge Pirro: Mueller’s Mission ‘Is to Secure the Scalp of’ Pres Trump, Shut It Down 📺

Judge Pirro put all the pieces together, as we know them now, with the illegal special counsel (illegal because no crime was committed) calling for it to be shut down. She praised federal judge TS Ellis III for calling out the Mueller team for lying and demanding they deliver documents that triggered the Russia investigation in the first place, which will outline their power and scope. These are the same documents Dep Atty Gen Rod Rosenstein has been stonewalling in delivering to Congress where they are threatening him with impeachment.

Speaking of Rod Rosenstein as Pirro breaks down how this investigation is a creation of the DNC, Clinton and Deep State to remove Trump, she has him dead-to-right over his interest and motivation. He is the one who wrote the memo calling for Comey’s resignation so he could appoint his friend Mueller to investigate Trump and protect Hillary.

Rosenstein is the same person who convinced the spineless and timid AG Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from just about everything too! Do you see a pattern yet? And why would Rod do all of this, because as warned by Rep Gohmert and touched on the by Pirro, he, and Mueller, are knee-deep in the Uranium One scandal!

Hearing all of this laid out, is it any wonder why Team Mueller would act above the law? These people are all corrupt, all working to protect Hillary (she goes down they go down) and the massive network connected to her which includes Mueller and Rosenstein, who is expanding his powers at every turn.

This entire investigation needs to be shut down… correction: This soft coup needs to be shut down, people need to lose their jobs and some need to go jail.