DNC Deputy Chair Rep Ellison: National Borders Create “An Injustice” (Video)

DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison argued that having a national border creates “an injustice” for workers seeking economic prosperity. He seems to believe if the door is wide open everywhere for trade, where people do business and come and go as they please then wages will be fairly paid everyone will be prosperous. With an open border there will be no permanent low-wage sector…

What Ellison ignores in his defense of the 12 million undocumented workers is they shouldn’t be here period. Blaming capitalism, arguing for income equality is a lame excuse to justify the millions who broke our laws. It’s not America’s fault other countries suck economically. Those countries chose to go socialist route, or live under corrupt regimes who steal from the people which causes economic problems that force people to come to the US, legally and illegal. Blame them not the us or the system. Capitalism is freedom, anyone can do it so long as govt gets the hell out of the way. If the govt doesn’t get out of the way then the people should remove said leadership, American colonists did it 240 years ago, there is NOTHING saying impoverished people cannot do the same today.

Lastly, they’re not undocumented Congressman, calling them “undocumented” suggests 12M+ in the US have legal status to be here but their paperwork is tied up in red-tape, lost or the dog ate them! They’re ILLEGAL ALIENS.