US Senator Compares Unproven Russian Election Meddling to 9/11 (Video)

Shameful Sen Richard  ‘D I C K‘  Blumenthal took the serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) he’s suffering from to new heights during an appearance on the Clinton News Network. This US Senator had the audacity to compare the unproven Russian meddling in US elections to the 9/11 attack!

What kind of sick minded fool would compare an attack committed by islamic jihadists who used aircraft to kill thousands of innocent Americans to an unfounded unproven theory?  
D I C K  Blumenthal has a history of not being honest and quite divisive, here’s a refresher when Glenn Beck took him to the woodshed when  D I C K  was Conn’s Atty Gen making up law to punish AIG!

All we hear day in, day out is how the Russians meddled, interfered and/ or influenced the 2016 election. The Left speaks of it as if it’s fact, but to this day they’ve not produced one shred of proof! Not one American paraded on the DNC networks saying “My vote was changed from Hillary to Trump because Russia”, not one vote produced showing to be changed from Hillary to Trump yet Leftists say it happened. The Justice Dept just announced with the indictment of 12 Russian spies that there was no tampering of votes, but that hasn’t stopped the Left from ranting uncontrollably that Trump’s victory was illegitimate because he’s apparently BFF with Putin.

Leftists will say anything to amp up their base even if it means invoking 9/11 creating tension between the US and Russia to drive us right back to 1962! TDS has caused democrats to lose their minds and that makes them very dangerous.