Joe diGenova Goes NUCLEAR Against Fmr Obama Intel Officials Attacking Pres Trump (Video)

John Brennan is ‘Real Traitor’, Leon Panetta Can ‘Rot in Hell’

Fmr US Atty Joe diGenova went nuclear against fmr obama admin intel officials over outlandish comments and accusations they’ve made against the President of the United States.

DiGenova first went after fmr CIA Dir John Brennan, who has been viciously attacking Pres Trump going so far as accusing him for treason(which is punishable by death(yes in other words he’s calling for Trump’s death)), for meeting with Vladimir Putin, calling him the “real traitor”.  Keep in mind this is the same John Brennan who voted for the Communist party, has leaked intel, pushed the fake DNC/Clinton paid for Steele dossier and most likely is “patient zero” behind this entire operation to destroy Pres Trump. He even issued a challenge to Brennan to a debate over his involvement pre-election.

Next diGenova went after Leon Panetta, who suggested the Russians must have something on Trump, over his handling of the Benghazi attack for “kissing Hillary’s fanny” refusing to send aid to Americans under fire.

And finally fmr DNI chief Michael Hayden got blasted by the fmr US Atty for going right along with his obama era pals, more of less being spineless.

You can tell throughout the segment Joe is NO fan of Brennan’s, if he were Atty General loudmouth Brennan would be in jail by now! Unfortunately we’re stuck with Mr Magoo Sessions who has recused himself from just about everything. To make matters worse, as Joe points out, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is right there to protect them all, so no there will be no justice for POTUS with these thugs trying to undermine his admin.