Judge Pirro Triggers Whoopi Goldberg Into Crazed Rant Over One Comment (Video)

Judge Pirro had the unfortunate pleasure of appearing on The View today promoting her new book. As you would expect Pirro was welcomed with fake smiles, as the co-hosts ground their teeth, asking questions but not really allowing Pirro to get a thought across. At one point the Judge actually had to spell it out to Sunny Hostin, just going to show viewers this group had no interest in the conservative side of any issue.

Towards the end of the second segment at the bottom of the hour, Pirro was responding to Meghan McCain, just as Goldberg began asking a question, saying Leftists are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome as she pointed at Goldberg. Needless to say this one comment was all that was needed to trigger Goldberg to go into an unhinged rant about what she’s really suffering from.

Her rant was based on out of context accusations against Pres Trump. When he or anyone on the Right discusses “Mexicans as liars and rapists” they’re specifically talking about ILLEGAL ALIENS. But you see the Left has been DELIBERATELY conflating illegal with legal immigrants. SO to them when you call MS-13 animals you’re calling all illegals animals. The hate she says she’s never seen whipped up to level we’re witnessing are a direct result of the Left’s unrelenting attacks against POTUS and conservatives. They HATE him which means they hate his supporters, be it Pirro to YOU!

Back to Goldberg, her unhinged rant is in fact a perfect example of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Look how she exploded, attacking POTUS, Pirro, and anyone else really. She does this all the time, attacking the Right. Accept your disease Whoopi… (stupid name) Caryn Elaine, stop hiding from it, denying the hate you have for the Pres of the USA.

As for the headlines going around that Pirro was kicked off the show, NO SHE WASN’T! Just a minute ago I pointed out this was at the end of the segment with Pirro; if you want the time stamps I’ll get them for you to see it was the end. Caryn Elaine took up all the time as her TDS couldn’t be contained and then the segment ended. When the show returned from the break Caryn Elaine said her peace (not true) and the show was over. These shows normally do a segment or two with a guest and when it’s the bottom of the hour the guest is not around for the final words. While it may appear Pirro was kicked off she wasn’t to those familiar with programming and the this thing called a clock!

Frankly, if Pirro was kicked off it’s a badge of honor anyway going on with these witches.

First segment

Pirro called into Sean Hannity’s radio show to discuss what went down after the show ended. Needless to say Goldberg was as vicious as you would suspect. She attacked Pirro getting in her face telling Pirro “F YOU” to “get the F*CK out”…