CNN’s Cuomo: Trump’s Criticism of Media is Admission He Hates America (Video)

Clinton News Network’s Chris Cuomo said one of the most outlandish if not dumbest things anyone in the media has said all year… this week. Sorry Chris but the media does NOT make America great and Trump does NOT hate this country. On the contrary, you Leftists in the media  are dividing this country with the outright lies and misinformation.. propaganda you produce 24/7/365.

You HATE this President and all his supporters, it’s clear as day, everyday!

There is no basis for this claim as we’ve seen, by Trump’s actions, he loves America. To associate him with tyrants is ridiculous as he has done nothing even remotely similar, plus he’s not a Leftist as Cuomo, the media and those tyrants he cited!

Remember Trump’s a billionaire he doesn’t have to do this, he doesn’t have to be President, he ran and won because he cares about this country. He has sat back for years playing with the idea but it’s because of the dangerous direction obama, one could even argue Bush and Clinton, put us on drove him to run and win.

Does Trump love the media? HELL NO, and neither do most Americans on either side of the aisle! His detest for the media is justified so Chris thinks he can twist the words around to make this another signal how dangerous Trump is. No sorry pal, YOU, your network, your colleagues in the media and Leftists you pander to HATE America.

Seek help Chris, as this sever case of Trump Derangement Syndrome you’ve been suffering from is now making you delusional.

Want it to stop? STOP LYING and being divisive.