Sarah Sanders OWNS CNN’s Jim Acosta Over Attacks Against Admin by the Media (Video)


Jim Acosta is upset and tired of the treatment he, his network and the media, as a whole, are receiving from the President and his supporters over the lies and demonizing they dish out daily. Acosta and Co seem to believe they are entitled to respect and immunity for anything they do or say without repercussions; a lot like “comedians” who say the most offensive things that ARE NOT funny, hiding behind “I’m a comedian so its okay” card.

Because of the HATE Acosta, his SHIT network and ilk spew, republicans got shot up in Alexandria, but here he is whining during a press conference over the mean things people at a rally said to him. Adults but especially kids are being assaulted for wearing MAGA hats and Trump related clothing, but Jimmy is sad and “tired of this” over being treated like the enemy for the fake news he shovels out and disrespect he shows daily to the President.

Take note of the number of times this guy interrupts, showing disrespect.

Jim Acosta and the media as a whole whether they like it or not ARE the enemy of the people. They never report any positive story about Pres Trump and the accomplishments being made under his administration. Day after day it is one attack after another against Trump, his family, staff, members of the admin and Sarah Sanders. It has gotten so bad that Sanders needs to have Secret Service protection.

Read this tweet from GW Bush’s fmr Press Sec Ari Fleischer, take a minute afterwards to let it sink in:

Threats against Sarah by AMERICANS are higher than those from islamic jihadists. This is the result of the hate being spewed 24/7/365 by the corrupt mainstream media, with Acosta leading the pack. So no Jim, Sarah is not going concede, she gave plenty of examples that are just the tip of the iceberg demonstrating the result of the HATE being spewed by the media, not only against herself and POTUS but anyone on the Right.

Acosta just doesn’t get it because HE IS a BULLY. He uses words to get what he wants, carrying on like the victim, demonizing anyone who doesn’t go along with his political agenda. This man is a political commentator not a journalist, he has no business sitting in with the press pool. If he thought the treatment he got at the last rally from Trump supporters (the people he and his network attacks) was bad he has no clue what is coming for him.

Media do you want this to stop? All you have to do is treat Trump fairly like you used to do before he ran for office. STOP treating those with opposing views like terrorists, otherwise you’re going to get multiple times more hate thrown back at you than you’re dishing out.