Antifa Carrying Out Maxine Waters’ Orders, Harass and Chase Ted Cruz & His Wife Out of DC Restaurant

Maxine Waters must be so proud to see her foot-soldiers, antifaDC, carrying out her directive to harass members of the admin, and in this case GOP Senator Ted Cruz and his wife over the Kavanaugh nomination. The modern-day Brownshirt of the DNC were so rabid chanting “We believe survivors”, in reference to those accusing Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, Cruz and his wife were chased out of the restaurant as they attempted to have a quiet meal together, minding their own business.

Who was keeping tabs on Cruz and his wife that these monsters were able to mobilize, easily enter the restaurant and harass them? This should concern people that these unhinged rabid leftists can move so quickly to attack a US Senator.

These leftists believe harassing Senators will convince them to change their opinion to not vote for Judge Kavanaugh, to serve on the Supreme Court. It’s a clear act of intimidation by antifa against Cruz over their political views or we can use the technical term for what they’re doing – domestic terrorism!

Give it time America there will be ANOTHER Alexandria, Rand Paul attack, or any of the other countless examples of conservatives/ republicans who have been viciously assaulted by the rabid unhinged left.