Senate Dems, Working to Destroy Kavanaugh, Say Burden of Proof is on the Accused

Senate democrats Mazie Hirono, Chris Coons, and Rich Blumenthal (among others) say those who are accused of a crime, especially with regards to sexual harassment/ misconduct/ rape, have the burden of proof in proving their innocence! According to these people accusers are telling the truth even when they have no proof, no witnesses, nor any clear memory of an event; alleged victims can make a charge against anyone and it’s as good as Gospel!

Democrats are setting extremely dangerous precedents (“rules”) where anything a person does in their entire life can be used against them now. Men/ boys are the primary targets because girls/ women NEVER do anything wrong! Just ask the Duke Lacrosse team, Univ VA fraternity Phi Kappa Psi, countless men convicted of sexual assault/ rape who after serving several years in prison (God only knows the abuse they were subjected to behind bars, as rapists are generally “dealt with”) are released after their female accuser is exposed to be a liar!

The democrat party is completely out of control at this point. They will destroy anyones life who gets in their way or defies them. And let’s be clear, they don’t care about Dr Ford, Ms Ramirez or whomever else they did up to attack Judge Kavanaugh (and Donald Trump). If they derail his shot at SCOTUS the fallout was worth it because it means a win against Pres Trump.

How much more do you need to see to understand how important this coming election is? If you don’t get out to vote and bring at least 10 people to the polls, where each of them is bringing people, the democrats are going to steamroll over the GOP. Trump and Pence WILL BE IMPEACHED, all progress made under this admin will be reversed and again extremely dangerous precedents will be made putting mainly all men and young boys in more danger than they’re already in, after all the general demonizing coming from the left.