Judge Pirro Dismantles Ford’s Claims Against Kavanaugh

Jeanine Pirro stepped into her old role as a judge in her opening to explain the process of proving a case. The Judge takes an exception in this process as she explained she has fought for victims especially women’s rights and those who are victims of sex crimes. She was fighting for women before there was ever a #MeToo movement.

The democrats are going against every single basic bullet point in proving a case. Why? because this thing with Christine Blasey Ford is not about Brett Kavanaugh it’s about sticking it to Donald Trump. Her false claims of sexual misconduct, “attempted rape” per democrats, do not meet any of the basic tests of crime being committed. Does any of that matter to the democrats, especially since many are attorneys? NO. They’ve dismissed fundamental rules and principles over political expediency in the name of the #Resistance and hate Trump. This attack on Kavanaugh is really an attack on Trump, his judgement, and policies.

Why now? Why is Ford coming forward now vs when Kavanaugh was working under the evil Bush admin or as US District Judge?

Through Ford’s attorneys we hear she is upset over being outed. She outed herself running to Washington Post, and confiding in the democrats, who to this day have refused to share the letter with the GOP! And who wipes out their social media and takes a polygraph test before any of this goes public? Ford is so distraught she’s taken every step to hide her tracks and fight testifying, where as Kavanaugh was ready to go from day 1 when this all hit!

Democrats are doing a heck of job keeping her sheltered while they trash and convict a man over an accusation, with no proof. There’s no physical evidence, no corroborating witnesses, no police or medical reports yet Kavanaugh is guilty over a claim and a woman’s life will no undoubtedly be ruined after all of this.

This is all about the democrats, they don’t care what this attack is doing to the country. They don’t care about the vile rhetoric and death threats being made against Ford, Kavanaugh, nor their families. This is all about “getting Trump”, and “we will resist no matter the price”.

Pirro’s analysis just shows there’s no case against the Judge and that the democrats are as much a pack of liars as Ford at the nations expense. Many talk about the US headed into a crisis, even a Constitutional crisis, well boys and girls we’re already there when a man can be accused and deemed guilty of a crime when the accuser doesn’t know who, what, where, when or how! The democrats will go scorched Earth on this one and take us all down with them to get back at Trump.

Wanna stop the democrats, VOTE THEM OUT IN NOVEMBER vs sitting bitching like majority do every election.

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