John Kerry Says Iran Won’t Enter Talks With US Until Trump Is Out As Sec Pompeo Blasts Him For Interference 📺


First things first, the Iran nuclear agreement is not and was never legally binding. It is NOT a treaty, the Iranians didn’t even sign this deal our allies, France, Germany, Britain, with Russia and China are choosing to abide even after reports surfaced they were violating the deal! That said Kerry is LYING at the end of the clip over the strength of the deal, if it were the Iranians wouldn’t still be moving ahead with their nuclear development. Also, the Iranians claim their interest in nuclear development if for energy purposes, but to this day no one has explained what a nation rich in oil and other natural resources needs with nuclear power

John Kerry has admitted he has been talking with the Iranians, he despises Trump so it is any wonder that they wouldn’t come to any talks so long as Trump is in office!? Regardless of intentions, Kerry a private citizen,is interfering with govt foreign policy. He may deny it, but it would seem whatever he is up to is to set himself up for a 2020 presidential run, who knows what he’s telling and promising the Iranians. What are reason/ motive could he have to be talking to them?

Sec of State Pompeo as expected blasted Kerry for acting “unseemly and unprecedented” and that he is “actively undermining US policy as a former secretary of state is literally unheard of.”

While Pompeo wouldn’t say whether or not Kerry is breaking the law, Logan Act, it’s pretty evident to armchair attorneys especially since democrats went after Gen Flynn under the same law for doing his job when he was Trump’s advisor! If anything we have clear example of two sets of rules – one for democrats and one for republicans.

Don’t get your hopes up for any charges to be brought on Kerry under the Logan Act nor for registering as a foreign agent so long as Jeff Sessions is head of the DOJ ceding all power to Rod Rosenstein who has been running the agency since Sessions took the job.