About That Google Exec in the Leaked Video Saying “WE” Lost (Video)


By now most people are aware of the Google video that was leaked showing executives expressing how upset they were over Trump’s victory in 2016. Of all the whining and partisanship within the video the one segment that should stand out the most but IMO is overlooked is when CFO Ruth Porat spoke with tears in her eyes.

When Porat says “we” she’s not just talking about democrat/ Hillary’s voters. Based on what we know now, revealed on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the “we” Porat is speaking about is Google! They didn’t interfere enough to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

This is dangerous for a company so big to be colluding with a political party to win an election. Now that said, look at what’s going now from the censorship of Alex Jones (like him or not), Prager University and countless other right leaning/ conservative outlets by the tech giant. They learned from their mistakes in ’16, and are making up for it now by silencing dissent through shadow banning, censorship of content, unexplained suspensions (yours truly has been a victim of), manipulation of search results, to outright bans.

There’s clearly a concerted effort by this tech giant, as well as Facebook and Twitter, to control the flow of information this election cycle to get the end result they wanted, a democrat victory, in 2016.

You can’t be making political donations, taking advantage of govt subsidies and also picking sides in an election, that is why many are calling for Big Tech to be reined in! These companies have had countless warnings via high-profile individuals speaking publicly over how they’re being targeted and censored. Big tech is choosing to ignore the warnings, to stay the course that will lead to govt regulation. What they’re doing now is far more influential on American politics and social issues than tv and radio ever were, which landed both industries under federal regs. Conservatives are in favor of small govt, Big Brother keeping out of our lives, all these companies have to do is stop and be fair. They don’t want to, by this video and what’s happened since then they want to control what we see and hear. Fine, be prepared for Big Brother to step in, you had your chance.