Levin Warns NY Times Rosenstein Story is a Trap to Get Trump


On the surface when you first hear about the story from the NY Times*, that Rod Rosenstein considered wearing a wire and discussing the 25th Amendment with Cabinet members, you think “yep that sounds about right, it’s time to get rid of Rod Rosenstein”. But then you learn the story is based on anonymous sources (what’s new?), and Rosenstein’s response while sounding like an admittance to guilt is in fact a sarcastic response to fmr FBI Deputy Dir Andy McCabe’s frustration things weren’t moving along fast enough against Trump. C’mon people Rosenstein may be corrupt but he’s not stupid enough to say something like this that could get him in hot water.

Who do you believe, Rosenstein or the NY Times? Both are dirty at this point, but for one to cannibalize another to accomplish a bigger goal to entrap Donald Trump, is completely within their scope of political activism.

As Levin explains what this is really, is a setup to force Trump to take action against Rod Rosenstein, to fire him now. It would cause chaos for the GOP, ruin Kavanaugh’s nomination and most importantly open the door for the dems, and RINO’s, to move on impeaching Trump on the grounds of obstruction of justice. This, as always, is all about taking Trump out by the unhinged, radical, violent left.

Levin’s full analysis…

The Left is desperate, every trick they’ve tried to get Trump out of office has blown up in their faces. While they conspire he just moves along fulfilling campaign promises, especially when it comes to SCOTUS appointments. The Left has jumped head first into shallow pool supporting Christine Blasey Ford’s 36+ year claim Judge Kavanaugh attempted to rape her in high school – but she doesn’t know when, where, who, or why. Whether it’s SCOTUS appointments or talking with North Korea, Trump has introduced a little anarchy, upset the order and the progressives (which includes republicans) HATE him for it.

So now this story hits of something that happened over a year ago with Rosenstein plotting a coup by wearing a wire and suggesting the admin officials invoke the 25th Amendment. Sound too good to be true, too convenient and as Levin lays out you know it’s a plot of some sort. From the left’s perspective they think “this will get him, he’ll go crazy over this one and we’ll finally get him”. Don’t fall for it, these people will take out their own to destroy Trump and punish you for putting him in office.

Pres Trump needs to stand fast, hold his ground and ride all of this out which means YOU the republican voter need to send him reinforcements this November. He’s clearing the swamp, the monsters are ousting themselves but he needs help in the House and Senate to do what needs to be done. The House majority must be maintained and increased. The Senate majority is only by a handful, where several repubs are more or less closet democrats. 4-5 seats, if not more to get it to 60, must be gained.

[* – This site will not link to corrupt leftist driven propaganda outfits adding to the divide in this nation. Simple Bing search will take you to the story, Levin reviews in the full clip]