Ranking Dem in House Judiciary Issues Warning to Trump to Back Off of Rosenstein


The NY Times story about Rod Rosenstein suggesting he would wear a wire and enlist cabinet members to invoke 25th Amendment is nothing but a trap for Pres Trump. As House Judiciary Committee ranking member, Rep Jerry Nadler, explains if Trump fires Rosenstein now, they’ll go after him, impeach, over obstructing justice.

The closer we get to the midterms the more intense these elaborate attacks will become to get Trump. Progressives (D’s and R’s) are desperate to get him out of office, that’s why this story is surfacing now. They need every bit of ammo they can get to justify impeaching him. If Trump were to take action now against Rosenstein the dems will campaign on it with the hopes of winning more seats in Nov getting the votes they’ll need to impeach POTUS.

Have you had enough of these games from the left yet America? If you’re tired of these games you have to get out and vote. You have to get active, talk to people, get them active, registered to vote if they’re not and to the polls in November. The democrats are never stop these attacks, they’ll even sacrifice one of their own to get Trump.

The ball is in your court, you can stay home election day and hope the dems don’t win the power back or you can electorally exterminate them… now choose.