Nancy Pelosi Smirks as Dem Activist Jokes “Let’s Push” Trump Over the Edge


No surprise to see Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, potentially to be third in line for the presidency should the democrats win power back in the midterms, joyfully smirk while an activist more or less jokes about hurting, if not killing the Pres of the United States. If you listen closely as she talks about POTUS being on the edge, assume she means extremism, the man says “let’s push him” and he doesn’t mean over the edge of extremism. The days of democrats holding back their HATE for POTUS and the GOP are long gone.

Listen to her, she staggers and repeats herself rambling away nonsense. I call seriousness, don’t tell people there’s nothing wrong with her, this woman has a serious medical issue that is being hidden from the public. You can tell when she is low or off the meds because her disoriented mannerisms become more obvious.

With regards to Pelosi and the groups concern with the census, of course they’re worried. It is because of progressives lax policy in enforcing immigration laws illegals have flooded the US and infesting democrat controlled or left leaning areas. Illegals get counted in the census and if the population numbers are right there is redistricting with the creation of more Representatives…. DEMOCRAT representatives. The dems through their army of illegal aliens streaming across the border are changing the US demographics in their favor. Trump wants illegals to NOT be counted in the census to stop this power grab. Every single American should support this position, illegals shouldn’t be here let alone counted on issues that affect spending programs education etc in the first place. Sadly, they don’t understand dems do not care about them, and are just being used.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi smirks as a Democrat activist loudly jokes about pushing President Trump “over the edge” while she is speaking to Democrats in San Francisco, C