Gov Brown Attacks Trump Over Climate Change, He’s Saboteur, “Something’s Got to Happen to This Guy”


Jerry Brown is one of the most radical, dangerous elected leaders this country has ever had. He should be in jail for blatantly violating federal immigration law, harboring, aiding and employing illegal aliens, but because we don’t really have an Attorney General he’s free to break the law and defy the President of the United States. Aside from pushing this climate change nonsense Brown couldn’t resist attacking Pres Trump as a saboteur and that “something’s got to happen to this guy, because if we don’t get rid of him, he’s going to undermine America and even the world”!

Of course the media and leftists will spin Brown’s words as nothing, but it goes right along with what we’ve been seeing from Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Coons other elected leaders along with the media who have given their blessing for harassment and violence against Trump and his supporters.

Brown for all intents and purposes is an eco-terrorist. Instead of the violent style attacks we see from the eco-terrorists against individuals and corporations, he uses legislation and the power of his office to force this joke science on businesses and people. CA residents are so beaten down they just accept what comes out of Sacramento, which is why the legislature is more or less now bulldozing the state over with the most radical policies. Don’t laugh because what starts in CA becomes the way for the nation! Dems are creeping into power in every state. Yours truly was the only person concerned election night 2016 over the ever encroaching blue on the red electoral map!

About this climate change thing, it’s a hoax. Well hang on a second there is climate change it’s called the WEATHER and God help us all if the Sun gets a fever (rise in temperature) or “sneezes” (solar flare) because we’ll all be dead. Take note Brown nor any of the climate change conspiracists ever speak of the Suns impact on the Earth. Do you know what really happens when there are high CO2 levels? Vegetation FLOURISHES, without CO2 we’re all dead; this is high school biology 101. The data these conspiracists tout has been disputed for years, their models are based on tweaked data… why are we still having this conversation??

– The intensity of wild fires over the last couple of years is a result of Brown and leftists policies to not allow the removal of dead trees and other fuel sources. Yes, fires are more intense because there’s more FUEL TO BURN!!

– Hurricanes are more intense? Based on what historical records? Storm history only goes back maybe 150-200 years, for all we know the worst of the worst storms could have happened before anyone kept a record OR literally knew the nightmare they just went though!

– Seas are rising? Really where? According to Al Gore, NYC and FL should be under water right now? If the seas are rising why are the polar caps larger?

Pay attention when these hoaxers rant about this record or that record being broken, many 80-100-150+ years old, because they never explain the global warming/ climate change taking place so long ago that established the record being broken in the first place do they!?

The communists demand we accept the science on “climate change” aka the weather, but ignore the science that there are ONLY two sexes! These people hate you, they hate people, if they had their way they would actively engage in human population control (genocide). Then again they already are with abortion, jail sentence reduction for violent criminals, violating the Second Amendment etc.