Obama’s Fmr CIA Dir Calls on Deep State to Defy Trump’s Order to Declassify Docs


See that headline, it was written that way for a reason. Could have easily said “John Brennan Calls…”, as other sites have done, but it’s important to point out he was the CIA Dir who WORKED for/ took orders from obama.

What you have been seeing over the last few months from Brennan as he has been escalating his rhetoric and defiance towards Pres Trump is out of frustration and FEAR.

Let’s talk obama for a minute. He’s back on the campaign trail, running his mouth, being as divisive as he ever was trying to rile up democrat voters to elect dems to Congress. At his recent speech in Anaheim, CA only 750 people showed up to the event which can hold approx 8000 people, he’s not packing them in like he use to. One could argue he too is acting out of frustration and FEAR.

The two have a lot to lose if the GOP holds power in the House and Senate because it means the investigations, ousting of their loyalists and revealing how corrupt, even illegal, the govt was under their direction. It’s no wonder now Brennan it blatantly issues calls on the Deep State to defy Trump’s order to declassify docs. The more unhinged this guy sounds, and stuttering obama does, the more obvious it becomes the role the two played in trying to derail Trump from winning the election to this silent coup going on. It’s only a matter of time until some document shows up pointing directly at Brennan who you know will not fall on his sword for obama, otherwise he wouldn’t be out campaigning!

Time will tell, want to make sure it happens? Get yourself and at least 10 other people out to vote for the GOP this November, otherwise dems are taking over and all this corruption will never see the light of day.