CNN Defends Leftist Mobs Harassing GOP & Supporters: Not Mobs!


The argument whether or not the media, CNN especially, endorses the harassment and violence we’ve been seeing is no longer in question. They have repeatedly defended leftist foot soldiers acts of intimidation, harassment and violence. Now they want to even control the correct language being used to describe these monsters, that they’re not MOBS (“‘M’ word”), thus giving the foot soldiers additional aid while they terrorize Normal Americans.

These MOBS of unhinged leftists aren’t mobs, no they’re just concerned citizens,“people who are upset”. “Real mobs” apparently are like what we saw in Charlottesville, by the white nationalists aka nazis aka national SOCIALISTS aka leftists [Always have to make that clear] these people love to pin on the right. Every single issue the democrats bend over backward to defends their brownshirts claiming what they are actually doing is what the right does. They’ve gone so far as to suggest the TEA Party was doing the same things! And that’s fine, because Brooke Baldwin, Don Lemon, the rest of the gaslighting crew at CNN, and the entire DNC for that matter, OWN any act of violence, harassment and intimidation committed by these leftist MOBS.

They try but can’t hide behind the First Amendment as it does NOT protect acts of violence, riots and intimidation, doxxing, running people out of restaurants, stealing destroying ones property etc. WHEN another GOP Senator gets the crap beaten out him/her, or a Representative gets shot, or a Trump supporter gets assaulted these people will own it when all these clips are played over and over again on a split screen with the carnage committed by “people who are upset”.

What you have here is what this site has coined, institutionalized evil. In a nutshell, institutionalized evil is the left’s refusal to call out bad, even criminal, behavior, be it lying, promiscuity, drug use, theft, a whole gambit of assaults and acts of harassment and intimidation by their own. They defend and normalize what their foot soldiers are doing as just another day, not a big deal normalizing them as now acceptable behavior. This has been going on for a very long time, especially by politicians, Hollywood elitists and the like. They lie and break laws all the time, where we have been conditioned to accept it. NO IT’S WRONG and has to stop.

This will all eventually come to a head, there will be massive push-back and the blood spilled will all over CNN, DNC, Hollywood and all the other leftist elitists hands. Do your homework America, all the acts of violence and mob tactics are being committed by the left, not the right.