Dem Sen Markey Warns Republicans That ‘A Historic Uprising’ is Coming in 28 Days


Sen Ed Markey is warning the republicans and Pres Trump that a ‘historic uprising’ is coming for them in 28 days from outraged voters, especially women. While the GOP has been picking up some steam after the attempted character assassination against JUSTICE Kavanaugh, and relevant good news from Pres Trump’s agenda, the GOP is dangerously complacent. Do we really want to cede power to the party of crime? Do you want to see the lunatics terrorizing people in their black ninja outfits and pink hats empowered as those they work for rise to power?!

Case in point, the House race in CA between Maxine Waters and Omar Navarro. Waters is extremely divisive and dangerous yet have you heard or seen anything out of the GOP to help Navarro and win that seat for the GOP? NOPE, not one word, this guy isn’t even being given airtime on ANY network including the “friendly” network. As a voter looking at the race from the outside it appears the GOP wants Waters to have another term!

Pres Trump has warned repeatedly against the part and voters being complacent. It seems he and maybe a handful of people are the only ones concerned about the House and Senate flipping. All conservative and republican voters should ignore all polls (they were wrong in 2016), assume every single candidate is down 10 points and act accordingly.

If democrats win, they will take us right back to where we were under obama, AFTER they impeach Trump, Pence AND Kavanaugh and then install whomever they choose as Speaker into the Presidency. (Remember the Speaker can LITERALLY BE ANYONE… HRC!!)
Democrats will:
– raise taxes
– destroy any ground made between the US and North Korea
– allow ISIS to regain strength
– cower to our enemies (Russia, Iran etc)
– red US economic power overseas
– continue their assault against men (toxic masculinity)
– violence against conservatives and republicans will continue and get worse
– illegal aliens will be granted citizenship
– anti-Americanism will run rampant (disrespect to the Flag and anthem)
– Constitution will violated
– obamacare will be replaced with single payer.. etc etc etc

28 days America, that’s all you have left to lock in the accomplishments of the Trump administration and send the President Congressional reinforcements. We can either shoot for the shining city on the hill or go back to the dark ages under democrat rule. Vote GOP or you’ll get the govt you deserve.

You think it’s bad now wait until 2020 rolls around.