Maxine Waters Calls Trump ‘Poster Boy For A Mob Protester’


Wow this woman is the gift that keeps giving, if only the GOP would open their eyes and use clips of Maxine Waters running her mouth.

This DC swamp monster went into a tirade over things Trump said in the primaries about punching people. Okay, point made but that was in the primaries, when leftists were attacking his supporters and causing chaos. After the primaries wound down and he won the nomination his harsh rhetoric ENDED. See that’s the difference between candidate Trump and Pres Trump, where as elected democrat leaders and fmr obama regime members are calling for their shock troops to harass and intimidate people NOW, to have no civility and just today to “kick” republicans “when they go low!

Wiggy didn’t make any of that clear did she!? NOPE, she knows what she started and can’t undo, because in the minds of democrat’s shock troops harassment = violence; they only know how to go from 1 to 10 on the intensity meter. They’ll explain their position commanding respect and compliance (1), if anyone questions, challenges or rejects them they go ballistic on you (10).

Pres Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s handling of the Ford-Kavanaugh fiasco was as professional as it could be. As a matter of fact POTUS surprisingly kept quiet about it for the most part allowing the media to dig their own hole. McConnell did his job, supported Chairman Grassley. The Senate is charged with advice and consent and to do their own investigations. That brings us to the FBI and this swamp monsters attack on them. They FBI conducted 7 investigations on Kavanaugh, where they do ask everyone from your past if you have a drinking problem, if they’re aware of any charges being made against you like that of Ford’s. NO ONE said anything. The investigated plenty, including the alleged witnesses who have all shot down Ford and Ramirez’s claims. Waters is blatantly lying here to amp up her shock troops.

Go right ahead Wiggy, amp them up send on the streets to protest and harass people. Oh and for the record women ARE PART of the mobs who are harassing members of Congress as well their supporters. So don’t try to suggest they’re innocent.

America do you like seeing clips like this? Do you want this woman to be chairing the Financial Services Cmte? Do you want her party running DC again who will impeach Pres Trump, VP Pence (Waters admitted to) and JUSTICE Kavanaugh? If you like this woman running her mouth, amping up leftists mobs then by all means sit home election day, If you’ve had enough you need to vote bringing 10 people along and have them bring 10 people each to the polls.

Democrats MUST BE ELECTORALLY exterminated.