Sen Rand Paul Warns Democrats Violent Rhetoric Will Lead to an Assassination


Senator Rand Paul was making the rounds today stressing his concern over the ever-growing level of violent rhetoric coming from the leaders, of all people, on the left. After the brutal assault he was subjected to by an unhinged neighbor people really need to take his warning seriously. It’s bad enough we have the media running cover for calls of harassment intimidation against GOP and their supporters. It’s another thing, and quite concerning when you have people like Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker, Eric Holder and of course Maxine Waters calling for incivility and physical violence.

Sen Paul was clear with his warning “that someone is going to be killed”, and “There is going to be an assassination if this doesn’t ratchet down”.

(start at 3:40)

Listen to “Senator Mitch McConnell & Senator Rand Paul 10-9” on Spreaker.
(Paul’s intvw begins at 8:05)

It’s not the typical pink pussy hat wearing leftist snowflakes we’re worried about. We’re worried about the people on the left who are consumed with pure hate and rage. The ones you’ve seen in videos, or their comments from Twitter and Facebook brought front and center that are clearly unhinged and violent in nature. There is another Alexandria killer out there, as Paul points out, that the democrat leaders are amping up who will take action against the GOP, Pres Trump or you and me. It’s not a question of if, but when they attack. And the problem with this is the dems are okay with it, but are not calculating that with this level of hate they’re fueling things will escalate.

Bill Bennett warned the last time this country was this divided was the Civil War. Do Not dismiss warnings like this, if we have another Alexandria it could be the spark that sets off the other side to take retaliatory action. And that is most likely Paul’s bigger concern, aside from his own safety and his family as his wife wrote about, that she now sleeps with a gun next to her bed because of threats coming from the left.

There is a reason gun sales continue to set records, and people are taking self-defense classes. Buy guns and ammo, prepare for the worst hope for the best, don’t be that person wishing “I should’ve….”