MSNBC & Media Have Meltdown Over Kanye West’s Oval Office Meeting With Trump


Kanye West’s meeting with Pres Trump has finally arrived and the media is not happy at all. MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle couldn’t contain themselves, having a total meltdown going so far as to say West’s visit “was an assault on our White House.”

God forbid a Black man thinks and speaks freely, especially when it goes against progressive hive mind.

What you have here America is the real RACISTS showing their true colors today. They cannot accept a Black man is off the democrat plantation going against their group think, being pro-Trump, pro-guns, not taking the their bait to hang himself either! If you’re black you’re expected to be in lockstep with the democrat party. If that isn’t being racist what is!?

Because Kanye has smashed the perception of how Blacks should act, these monsters are attacking him, going so far as to suggest he is mentally unstable. Oddly, they weren’t saying that when he went after George Bush! This is what happens when you go against the machine, they’ll question your mental state and try to destroy you.Watch you’ll see for the rest of the day, possibly into tomorrow the media will be attacking Kanye, calling him every name in the book – “token negro”, “this is what happens when you don’t read” etc. all racist comments by the way!

Rambling?! Oh he was talking about things they don’t like, or want said.

Why is it surreal? Because he doesn’t play the part the media expects, pushing their narrative to attack Trump, call him a bigot and racist.

Dems HATE every minute Kanye is on air speaking truth to power, giving a hug and expressing his love for Trump! They hate him as much as they hate anyone who is not on the democrat plantation.