Unhinged Leftist Fails Using Her Kids in Shaming Ambush, Gets Put in Her Place by Sen Cassidy


An unhinged leftist, Alethea Torrellas Shapiro, is taking a page from the Soros paid activist who successfully intimidated Sen Flake in an elevator. This time around the monster took it to a new level having her children in tow, in fact weaponizing them for her shaming ambush.

Sen Bill Cassidy was having no part of this disgraceful attempt to be shamed, which many would consider per the left’s rules, is a form of child abuse. He put the monster in her place by addressing her children to not let someone use them like tools, while he never once looked at nor addressed Shapiro directly.


It would appear Sen Lindsey Graham standing up to leftists has rubbed off to other GOP members!

This monster using her children like this, saying a US Senator ruined their lives over judicial pick is beyond shameful, but this woman like ALL on the left is shameless. They don’t care about how they mess with their kids lives and screw them up, let alone the damage they’ve done to this country. Think about this for a minute, Shapiro is so consumed with hate, and so twisted with her radical views (not surprising her hero is Linda Sarsour) she literally weaponized her children!

A ‘full due process’!? Does this TOOL of the left hear herself? They were ones adamant JUSTICE Kavanaugh should get no due process, yet demands it for accusers who don’t even know the time of day!? This is the “full due process” this nut is suggesting: ‘Hey I made something up to destroy someones life, I’m right because I say so and have a vagina, deserve a full hearing and NO you can’t defend yourself.’

The left is clearly out control, mentally unstable, where they’ll abuse their own kids for political points! This shit is going to continue unless Americans who are tired of it vote democrat leaders, who enable this kind of behavior, out of office. Conservative, TEA Party and Normal Americans have 3 weeks to send a message you’ve had enough, OR don’t vote which will empower all the Alethea Torrellas Shapiro’s out there.

[**Shapiro pulled the video from her facebook timeline, but as you know the internet is forever.]