Unhinged Old Leftist Threatens to Rape Conservative Woman on Camera


In the fallout of the unhinged lefts attempt to derail JUSTICE Kavanaugh, via the MeToo movement of unproven claims of rape over 36 years ago, some protesters are showing how insane they have become.

Conservative Kaitlin Bennett, who became popular for being pro-Second Amendment after posing with her Armalite rifle for a school picture, was interviewing liberal protesters at a Trump rally in PA. Bennett’s line of questioning apparently was too much for one old, unhinged, dirty, stinky hippie who threatened to attack and rape Bennett, because it is his “right”! To make matters worse, feminazis came to the old mans defense denying it happened, rejecting Bennett invoking her #BelieveWomen moment!

How is raping a young woman this old SOB’s, or anyones, right?! In minds of the unhinged left, since nothing happened to JUSTICE Kavanaugh they think it’s a free for all to rape women. Realizing he is on camera, this is 2018 and not in the 1960’s the monster apologized and didn’t want his threat “put on tape”. Well guess what stinky, your 15 minutes of fame is just getting started!

You see the whole #MeToo thing, #BelieveWomen, and whatever the next hashtag cause is, only applies to progressives. If a conservative woman is raped in front of a crowd of leftists they’ll deny it happened. Heck at the rate we’re going they would gladly adopt Sharia law on this issue, condemning her for having no witnesses to the rape and call for her to be stoned to death!

This IS the modern-day democrat party who are seeking to take over Congress. Vote Red or you will have people in power enabling and condoning this behavior.