Scalise: Democrats’ Call For Violence a Threat to Our Democracy


Rep Steve Scalise, who survived being shot by an unhinged leftist in 2017, is calling on leaders on both sides of the aisle to condemn the harsh rhetoric being thrown around. While you can appreciate Scalise’s warnings it’s not republicans harassing people at their homes, restaurants, going to movies, in elevators, airports, at their places of work. GOP supporters are NOT being triggered tackling their neighbor doing yard work, or committing assault over a hat or shirt their opposition is wearing, nor pounding on the doors of the US Supreme Court. There are no members of the GOP shooting up ball fields to sitting down with CNN saying they won’t be civil until they have complete power over DC, America really. Republican leaders are not telling their supporters that wherever they see a DNC member to harass them, get in their face and if they “go low we kick them“.

The democrats are the party of hate, crime and violence. This is a historical fact, well documented on this site and others. They cannot control themselves, are very violent in nature when they can’t win an argument or don’t get their way. Majority of assassinations and attacks have been carried out by leftists.

Because you know they’ll go there, Charlottesville was the result of white nationalists aka neo-nazis aka national SOCIALISTS. White nationalists are NOT conservative, not welcome in conservative circles. Last I checked socialists are LEFT. Do not allow leftist on the street to news media to conflate European “right” with American right, as European “right” is True Left.

Democrats’ call for violence is as Scalise warns a threat to our democracy because they hate our govt system of govt. They want civil unrest. The violence we’re seeing now didn’t start when Trump came along, it’s been going on for years and really got amped up starting in 2009! Obama and Holder tried to stir the pot when they were running things. What we’re experiencing now is what they started. They want to create crisis in this country so govt will step in to squash free speech, and our liberties, because “something has to be done”… YES even under a GOP majority!

Democrats are the problem with this country. You have 3 weeks to make up your mind who you want running your communities and federal govt. If you want more political correctness out of control, gender identity taught in school vs US history, and to see everything Trump has accomplished to date undone then sit home election day let the democrats take over. If you’ve had enough of the children playing with fire then you have a duty to ELECTORALLY exterminate them [democrats] from holding public office at ALL levels – school board to the US Congress.