Pelosi: Trump’s Merit-Based Immigration Plan is “Condescending”


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t miss the opportunity to attack Pres Trump’s immigration overhaul proposal to switch to a merit-based system. The dems, as a whole, are all on-board immigration reform so long as a pathway to citizenship is included for the millions here illegally (aka undocumented democrat voters) while calling Trump’s merit-based proposal “condescending”!

How is expecting people who want to come to this country being educated, having something to offer this country vs being an economic burden condescending? Keep in mind the US used to go by a merit (point) based system, but it was abandoned.

The democrats calling this proposal racist or condescending just proves what they want are uneducated, uninformed permanent dependent voters. Legal and illegal immigrants serve only one purpose to this party – money, power and control. They couldn’t careless about the crime, poverty and public health risks “immigrants” bring to the US, let alone how they’ll literally collapse our economic and social welfare systems.