Rep Omar Calls For ICE to be Abolished, Deportations Stopped


With reports coming from the Border Patrol of apprehending up to 4500 people a day, the equivalent of the population of Orlando FL in 2 mos

… to an illegal alien serial killer responsible for the death of approximately 12 elderly women , we have democrats continuing to do everything possible to enable illegal aliens. One of the dems leading the pack is Rep Ilhan Omar who is calling for ICE to be abolished and “inhumane” (in dems book that means ALL) deportations stopped!

What Omar is calling for is more or less what we’re used to hearing from the Left: Let all illegals in, give them legal status, those already here citizenship, stop funding and operating CBP or in simplest terms have an open border. Democrats DO NOT care about US citizens.

All dems see in illegals is money, power and control when the nation is fundamentally changed to permanent, dependent, uneducated, illiterate voters. The dems are hell-bent on overwhelming the US with illegals to cause a system-wide collapse where these elitists think they’ll be standing tall when the dust settles to rebuild it all – THEIR WAY.