Omar Compares Immigration Detention Ctrs to Slave Camps in Africa During the Slave Trade


The divisive Ilhan Omar never misses an opportunity to trash the USA with lies about our immigration detention centers, no thanks to democrats is overwhelmed because thousands of illegals continue to flow across our border. She compared the detention centers to slave camps in Africa during the slave trade with the hopes of creating more divide in the US by demonizing not only the Border Patrol and ICE but of course the Trump admin to play into claims POTUS hates people of color

This all couldn’t be further from the truth, because slaves were not given hot meals, a bed, clothing, toiletries, medical & dental care etc. Convenient how Omar also left out it was warring African tribes who conquered each other, put said captives into slave camps waiting to sell slaves off to slave traders. History matters and you can be sure Omar, nor any democrat, will ever be honest.

Omar and her fellow members of the 4 Horsewomen of the Apocalypse want to abolish ICE and the Border Patrol gone, the US border left wide open, destroy US immigration policy allowing illegals have free reign in America. The only way they can gain public support for what they want to do is to use the race card, as they have been doing, and amp things up as Omar subtly did here comparing detention ctrs to slave camps.

What you have here is a hardcore Leftist following their party’s playbook to a “T” by repeating a lie (she didn’t say it here but the US is racist) often until it becomes “true”; you know like Biden admitted ” ‘truth’ over facts”.

You have 416 days to do whatever you have to do ensuring this monster doesn’t get re-elected but Trump will, and sending conservatives to DC to help Keep America Great.