Rep Jordan Outlines How Seditious and Treacherous Democrats Have Become


Rep Jim Jordan outlined how seditious and treacherous.. traitorous really the democrats in the House Judiciary Cmte, working on behalf of the dem party, have become in their quest to oust Pres Trump from office, and punish YOU. In less than 48 hours democrats have voted to confiscate law-abiding Americans guns and to impeach Pres Trump. Keep in mind as Jordan points out this is the Judiciary Cmte whose “supposed to protect the rules, supposed to protect constitutional rights” not take a hand grenade to it.

They actions define acts of  rebellion or insurrection, sedition and potentially treason as they have in fact become puppets of Russia falling for their propaganda thinking Trump is a Russian agent..

Because these dems are going forward with impeachment, based on lies and corruption within the Deep State,  Joe diGenova explains how what the dems are doing is sedition….

For those who missed it here is Jordan going off on the dems when they voted to undermine the Constitution, and take away your gun rights as well as due process, and property rights!

The democrats are beyond unhinged and dangerous to this nation. They are willing to destroy individual rights, pervert and abuse laws to settle scores. God help this country if they ever hold majority power again. These people do not deserve to be in service, to ever hold political power.

People said it 2008, 2012, then ’16 but the 2020 election will be the most important election of our time. Donald Trump must be re-elected otherwise the people who were on stage in Houston TX Sept 12th and the people sitting with disgust on their faces as Jim Jordan spoke will be running the country.