Buttigieg Has His Hillary ‘Deplorables” Moment


Many swear that Hillary Clinton lost any chance of winning when she called half the USA ‘basket of deplorables’. Mayor Pete had his ‘deplorables’ moment when he answered Jorge Ramos’ immigration question calling anyone who supports Pres Trump’s policies are racists and supports racism!

But it gets even worse IMO when he also spoke in spanish! This is America we speak English, we don’t pander and ASSIMILATE to invaders like politicians do speaking their language.

Yep you’re a racist if you think anyone who comes to this country should come here legally. That those who cross the border illegally should be locked up and shipped back to wherever they came from. Illegals here should be denied access to welfare, free healthcare, education etc etc.

This debate is a total shit show, bashing Pres Trump, going all in for illegals and open borders, gun grab and all the other crap these people.. these tyrants are vowing to deliver.