Beto Will Force Rich People to Allow Lower Income People to Live Near Them

White obama, Bob Frank O’Orourke, is doing his marxist thing again telling his supporters “rich people are going to have to allow or be forced to allow lower income people to live near them.”

What Bobby Frank is proposing is classic wealth redistribution and socialism, if not outright communism, in this clip. It will never work unless you’re running the country with one party rule under an authoritarian or dictator.

No doubt Leftists will jump on this one idea, so can we be honest here for a minute? Rich people can afford nice things, including big houses with nice landscaping and large property tax bills that cover the costs of the community they live in. If you force rich communities to allow lower income (whatever the hell that means) to live near them it’s safe to assume said communities are going to have problems.

Aside from the sight of a McMansion next to a scratch built box, possibly nice double-wide with fake grass, who is going to make the call to devalue the land to build said lower income housing? That matters because the community’s expenses are based on taxes from McMansion owners, who no doubt in this marxists mind are going to get hit with higher property taxes! Or will this punish the rich twice only apply to conservative leaning communities?

There are other issues to consider from general curb appeal, the social impact and yes crime on rich communities. Living in a nice safe neighborhood is the main benefit when you have money, it’s why so many of us strive for wealth to get that big house with the big yard away from the riff raff. Every community has their trouble spots, but low income housing tends to be a magnet for the wrong kind of people, the types we strive for wealth to afford the home to get away from. BETA is saying “yea I don’t care, I’ll force you to allow the atmosphere for the wrong types to show up”.

This guy isn’t going to get elected, but his ideas are shared by all democrats. Frankly the dem party is not happy with him because he’s blabbing all their plans they like to introduce quietly, subtly. Whoever wins the nomination will in fact support this idea along with the gun grabbing and all the other things dems stand on that should scare the hell out of Americans.

Your 2020 choice will be 4 more years of Trump or 4 years of gun grabbing, open borders, frivolous spending, wealth redistribution and at the least authoritarianism!