Here Are Senate Repubs Who Have NOT Co-Sponsored Graham’s Resolution Condemning House Dems Impeachment Inquiry


Lindsey Graham introduced S.Res. 378 that condemns the House democrats over their impeachment inquiry to remove Pres Trump from office. As of 5:32 pm Oct 24, 2019, per Graham, 46 Senate republicans have signed on as co-sponsors to the resolution except the following RINO’s:

Lisa Murkowsi
Lamar Alexander
Susan Collins
Mitt Romney
Cory Gardner
Mike Enzi
Johnny Isakson

Big shocker right!? Write these names down, along with the others in the House who dragged their feet, as to who you need to vote out come the next primary election cycle. These people are not working for Americans best interests, they work to suit their needs, and their lack of support for Pres Trump is proof of that. By not supporting Graham’s resolution (which is weak, after he promised hearings to get the to the bottom of the coup – deal with that another time) these RINO’s are making it clear they are the ones who would in fact vote to impeach Pres Trump and undo YOUR vote.

We have a lot of problems in this country but one is most definitely politicians who have “I am god” complexes. It’s not their fault though, it’s voters fault for not making it clear these SOB’s (ALL of them) work for the American people. They way to fix that is to remove them from office. In the meantime melt their phone lines, crash their email servers, better yet set up camp at their offices giving them hell for siding with the Democrat Confederacy!

UPDATE as of 14:35:
Graham updated the list adding Gardner, Isakson, Alexander & Enzi who dragged their feet to finally signing on, bringing the total to 50 co-sponsors. That leaves Collins, Murkowski and Romney as dem confederacy sympathizers.