Beto: “Criminal” Consequences For People Who Don’t Turn In Legally Purchased Firearms

Bob Frank O’Rourke is adamant if he is elected president, and Congress defies their oath violating the Constitution to outlaw/ban “weapons of war” (whatever the hell that is), anyone who defies his mandatory buyback (aka confiscation) will be fined and/ or face criminal prosecution…. for that which they legally own.

There will be no grandfathering in the weapons you own prior to his confiscation plan. If you own 1 or 10 “weapons of war”, you will have to hand them over or else.

You do understand it’s not just the weapon but the caliber it fires that will also have to be banned, since there are countless variants of the evil black rifles!? It’s the bullet that does all the damage Robert and company talk about. Watch and see, once they ban AR’s and AK’s the door will be open to go after more guns that fire the same rounds UNLESS the ban ammo too! Don’t say they won’t do it, anything is possible.

Who made BETA or any politician arbiter of what is a “weapon of war”? Just about anything has been used in war to kill another. You can’t just ban two types of weapons, you will have to ban all types of weapons. What BETA and the Left are afraid to say, for now, is they want to ban ALL semi-auto weapons.

BETA wants to be president but cannot grasp the idea that the Second Amendment, to which he would swear an oath to protect, was directly created to thwart a tyrant like himself!!