A Warning to Trump Supporters From Antifa

Oh kids, there is far too much to unpack here! Where do you even start!? This has to be a parody video right, like Arizona Antifa who was making a total mockery of the fascists?

How about this for starters.. in the words of “Arnold” from Happy Days..

and “Simon Phoenix” from The Demolition Man

This guy looks real intimidating doesn’t he!? The comments to the video are as funny as you could imagine. Willing to bet he’s sucking for air after running half a street block, so not sure how well he would hold up in an actual fight.

How dare he use John Wick music is this pathetic warning to Trump supporters.

Antifa are the democrat party’s foot-soldiers/ domestic terrorists and the definition of fascists. They more or less demand compliance with their insane Leftist ideology or else. They push lies that people who support Pres Trump are white supremacists, racists, nazis and fascists unhinged uneducated people believe because it’s all you ever hear. They tell a lie over and over until it becomes truth… just like the tactic Biden told us they all use.

Yes antifa fight dirty, will get bloody, but they don’t fight hard. Have you noticed they only engage the Right when they have greater numbers? You will never see antifa at a gunshow or a Trump rally because they would get decimated! So no they will not win when this war (Second Democrat started American Civil War) they’re hoping for starts.

Supporting Pres Trump, is supporting America, capitalism and FREEDOM. These monsters want to destroy it all and they will if Americans continue to sit home whining at their phones, computers and tvs vs getting active and shutting down the radical Left machine that is still growing post-obama.

Chubby seems to forget the people he and his ilk(aka the modern-day Brownshirts) are clearly picking a fight with are the very same people who have been buying guns, ammo, STANDARD capacity magazines for 10 years straight at record levels and training efficiently with them! This clown is the face of the people who don’t know which bathroom or pronoun to use but are confident he and his ninja wannabe/black jammy wearing friends can win an all out war.

If they don’t start a fight soon, you can be sure these idiots will definitely start something Nov 4th 2020. The meltdown from the Left and jackwagons like this is going to be of epic proportions!

This blob is harmless, but it’s the ones who carry heavy duty bike locks and brick in bags who swing at people or spray them with chemicals you have to worry about. There are a handful who are training with firearms too but you know will run to the hills when their gun is met by 10X as many by well-trained Patriots.

Buy guns, ammo, mags and get plenty of training with them. Also get training in some form of hand-to-hand self-defense because you never know.