Dems Will Challenge 2020 Election Validity If Trump Isn’t Impeached

The democrats impeachment of Pres Trump is a total sham, where GOP is not allowed to call witnesses and/or they’re restricted on types of questions they can ask dem witnesses. The dems attorneys are holing multiple roles as counsel and witness, and not being sworn-in when they testify. And to this day not one shred of evidence has been produced of Donald J Trump committing a crime.

The unhinged violent Left knows this impeachment will go nowhere when it gets to the Senate, regardless of the fact Sen Graham has no intentions of calling witnesses like Schiff to testify or “participate in things I think will destroy the country.” What they are doing is creating propaganda not for you but the people who are not paying attention to the details* and they’re also laying the groundwork that if the President is not impeached they will challenge the 2020 election results. Here is Sen Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler spilling the beans….

‘We are also faced with a very direct threat that this President put himself repeatedly above the interests of the country, and poses a threat to the integrity of the next election’

Schiff added to it when Articles of Impeachment were issued…

Remember Al Green, Veronica Escobar and other dems have all said they have to stop Trump from now because if he isn’t he will be reelected. Based on what Nadler says and their actions the dems are going to make the 2000 Bush V Gore election fiasco look like childs play in 2020. They will claim massive voter fraud, will invoke the Russians interfered again and all the other conspiracies they’ve been cooking up for the last 3 years. This will also give them the ammo they need to say “see we need to eliminate the electoral college and got to the popular vote”.

*Nadler cites a poll that 70% of the American people are convinced the President did something wrong. Convinced because they’re hearing lies over and over again (remember Biden told us their tactic ‘”truth” over facts’) accompanied with hearings based on a lot of nothing. It’s pure campaign propaganda where you will have Americans thinking “gee the President must have done something wrong, it’s all thats on the news and they even had hearings”. The dems are banking on this strategy to win next year, but when it fails and Trump wins they will challenge it. For this fact alone those of you who vote GOP but sat home, or know the people who vote GOP and sat home in state elections and midterms better vote. The democrats, to date, have made the case they cannot be trusted with power. They’re willing to do anything to get power including destroying peoples lives. Look at what they’ve done to Trump, his family, George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Gen Michael Flynn etc, they did it to them they’ll do it to you if they control the House, Senate and White House.

Stop whining about the GOP candidates not being perfect, or guy/ gal you want, and vote vs sitting home. And DONT be complacent thinking “we got this, I don’t need to go vote”, because thinking this way is why the dems win. This is why VA is now under 1 party control like CA and other states. GOP voters got lazy, dems saw and capitalized on it.