Here Are the 8 Senate Repubs That Voted With Dems to Limit Trump’s War Powers Against Iran


Want to talk about abuse of power? Here’s another example from Senate democrats with the help of 8 spineless republicans. Congress thinks Trump is a loose cannon, even though he hasn’t done anything militarily to live up to all the alarmism that’s been made against him. Remember when they were all saying he would get us into a war with North Korea, and the next thing you knew he’s walking across the DMZ with Kim Jung-un?! Or how about getting the US into WW3 with Iran over taking out a terrorists Soleimani, who probably has a higher kill count than bin Laden!? (Don’t recall Congress getting their panties in a wad after the SEALs went in to kill the SOB) We’re all still here after that, which was the trigger for this action by Congress to take war powers away from the President on Iran.

Do people really think Trump just picks up the phone and says attack?! He is speaking with Joint Chiefs and other military leaders before taking any military action. They waited to hit Soleimani but imagine if when the opportunity presented itself to strike Trump had to go to Congress for permission to kill a terrorist!? Time isn’t always on our side when it comes to military action, decisions have to be made quickly, we don’t have time to dick around with a bunch of spineless politicians who would rather leave a killer responsible for the death of hundreds of American troops and others in play.

Now these bozos want to restrain POTUS from reacting to America’s sworn enemy, who has been saying for decades they want to wipe all of us off the map. Why is Congress so scared of Iran? Because of their relationship with China and Russia? Don’t you think Trump is aware of this? Congress wants things back to the old way, where the US bows down to our enemies. Trump was elected to stop doing things the old way, because it doesn’t work. Yet here we have 55 Senators, many who have never served in combat, thinking they know better than Trump who has the intel and military advisers. If Trump was a warmonger, like many in Congress, he would’ve hit them when they shot down a US drone, or some of their other attacks. He has been quite restrained and it’s clear these people want him to go back to doing things the old way with Iran, allowing them to bully the world!

It’s always the same names that pop up in the GOP that are a problem too. Senators Susan Collins, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Jerry Moran, Lisa Murkowski, Todd Young, Lamar Alexander and Bill Cassidy told the country they want the US to sit and wait for their permission to act when/if a military strike is warranted against Iran. No thanks, and it’s becoming more and more clear that the 17th Amendment should be repealed, going back to when the House selected Senators! Only good thing about all of this is when the legislation gets before Trump he has the power (for now) to veto it.