McConnell Eviscerates Democrats For Blocking Emergency Bill to Help Americans, Reveals They’re Attempting to Fund Their Radical Agenda


Senate Majority Ldr Mitch McConnell exposed why the democrat party blocked the emergency stimulus bill last night which is a bill to help businesses and YOU.

  • “Tax credits for solar energy and wind energy
  • Provisions to force employers to give special new treatment to big labor
  • New emission standards for airlines”

McConnell then proceeded to eviscerate the democrats and Nancy Pelosi, who hopped on her PRIVATE JET (YOU PAY FOR) flew from San Francisco to DC, for stopping this procedural vote from moving forward for a BIPARTISAN bill.

This quite possibly is the maddest anyone has ever seen McConnell and rightfully so. What the democrats are doing is beyond despicable. People sick and dying and Pelosi & Co are F*CKING around!

Now Pelosi apparently has her own bill, which is the alleged cause for dems to block this one from proceeding, that’s 1100+ pages!
Who wrote it because she’s been on vacation?

The above bullet points McConnell listed are just teasers for what the dems are seeking that has NOTHING to do with this virus let alone YOU.

Read this twitter thread from Rachel Bovard who has been going through the bill…

  • Grants for conducting risk-limiting audits of results of elections
  • Bailout for the US Postal Service
  • Here’s a goody “Sec.321. Early Voting”
  • Or how about “Sec.325.Same Day Registration”
  • Collective Bargaining
  • “Improving consumer information regarding release of greenhouse gases from flights”
  • Rules for journalism…

You may have heard dems are claiming the GOP bill is a big slush fund – nope Rep Crenshaw put that to rest

Yep all of that and God knows what else DEMOCRATS want is crucial for a pandemic economic relief bill. But as McConnell notes his colleagues on the other side consider this a “juicy political opportunity”.Of course it is at YOUR expense.

Meanwhile a surgeon in Fresno they’re ‘at war with no ammo’. A nurse in NYC warns ‘if we don’t get the proper equipment soon we’re going to get sick’. Americans are losing jobs markets are tanking and the DEMOCRATS are filibustering aid to help workers

To the moderate/ blue-blood democrats out there,

Seriously, how can you support these people? How do you write checks and and vote to give these people more power? How can you support these people after EVERYTHING they did to Donald Trump since before he was elected through the Russia hoax and impeachment circus to this?

When will it be enough for you to Walk Away if not RUN AWAY from the democrat plantation!??

Do you need a bodycount as a result of the Chinese virus directly or from the chaos that could very well ensue as a result? Do we need another Ferguson or Baltimore for you to wake up and remove these people from power? You want to vote democrat fine by all means go ahead but can’t you support a primary challenger!?

Everything that happens to this country going forward after this nonsense is now on the democrat party. THEY are choosing to make this political. They DO NOT have Americans best interests in mind when they’re pushing their agenda through bill like this.

Please for the love of God or whatever you believe in vote Trump and GOP this November. The democrats deserved to be slaughtered in Nov, they need to be POLITICALLY exterminated.