Michael Flynn Was Set Up


News broke several hours ago that more or less exonerates fmr NSA Michael Flynn. As the details roll out, one being a handwritten note stating “What is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”… to say I’m enraged is an understatement. Keep in mind taking out Flynn was part 1 of the coup d’état against Pres Trump. The people involved with this need to be charged, prosecuted and sentenced to long prison terms unless what they did could be treated as treason. If that’s the case, their termination is warranted and should be public (No, I’m not kidding).

Jim Comey better lawyer up…

What was done to Gen Flynn must never happen again to any American and the only way you ensure that is by punishing those involved as severely possible. To not hold these people accountable will set an incredibly dangerous precedent where you can set someone up and if you get caught don’t sweat it.

(Note: Hannity fails to understand many within that 99% of the intel community KNEW what was going on, but kept their mouths shut because they care more about their job title and pension than the oath they took to this country.)

You should know per Flynn’s attorney Sydney Powell, there is far more “stunning” evidence still to come!

Monsters, and that’s exactly what those people in the upper echelon of the intelligence community are, plotted and almost successfully framed Michael Flynn, forcing him to plead guilty or they would go after his son for absolutely nothing. That said if these progressives in the Deep State can do this to a decorated 3 star retired General, just imagine what they will do to you!?

Jim Comey
Andy McCabe
Peter Strzok
Lisa Page
Bruce and Nellie Ohr
John Brennan
James Clapper/barack obama
Robert Mueller
Rod Rosenstein
Andrew Weissman
Chris Wray (gets honorable mention as it has surfaced he withheld exculpatory evidence)
.. and many others, including any media lackey who helped them, need to be brought up on criminal charges for what they did.

The American people are being infuriated and TIRED of this bullshit. If things don’t change all hell will eventually break loose as this country is already a powder keg ready to go off.

Once Flynn is fully exonerated and all charges dropped against him, Flynn should seek multiple civil lawsuits AND Pres Trump should fire FBI Dir Wray replacing him with Flynn to reign in the agency, that oughta make the dems heads explode!