Minneapolis Descending Into Chaos Over Death of George Floyd


We’re looking at another Ferguson and Baltimore as riots and looting continue in Minneapolis following the unnecessary death of George Floyd by the hand knee of an officer who ignored his pleas for help to breath AFTER being handcuffed. We don’t know the whole story of what happened, it’s possible Floyd may have resisted before being placed in a police car, but the moment Floyd was down on the ground it was over. There was no reason for the now fired cop to use such brutal force, putting all his weight on Floyd’s neck, more specifically his carotid artery for approx 6 mins. Frankly it’s a miracle Floyd lasted that long, anyone with martial arts experience (yours truly trains in Krav Maga) who knows how to apply a proper choke knows they can knock someone out in less that 5-10 seconds!

The submission used was unnecessary and killed a man, if any of us were to do the same to someone we would be in jail. Police for some reason are given the benefit of the doubt, mainly because they are authorized to use force, including lethal force, IF their lives are in danger. That isn’t the case here, and at the least the officer should be facing manslaughter charges and the others present should be charged for conspiracy because they did nothing, should’ve told him to let up once he was down on the ground.


As you would expect Minneapolis has descended into chaos over the incident. Property is being destroyed stores are being looted, the people have had it with the abuse coming from bad cops and lazy prosecutors.

Kurt Schlichter spelled it out perfectly…


This thing with cops is really coming to a head now. There have been many high profile incidents when we get the whole picture things are justified cops acted within their authority. But this and the abuses we’re seeing over the scamdemic, is making it harder for people to support those in law enforcement.

I support GOOD, honorable cops

I DO NOT support cops who enforce illegal unconstitutional orders arresting people for working out, going to the beach, opening their business up (that’s as essential as any other) etc and/or who put their knees on someones neck killing them.