Minneapolis Monsters Attack Woman in Wheelchair Trying to Stop Looting


As Minneapolis descends into chaos with monsters using the anger over the death of George Floyd to justify rioting, violence and looting, a woman tried to stop looters (aka thieves) from looting (aka stealing) the Target store, that is literally across the street from the 3rd Police Precinct that was practically under siege. The woman only identified as Jennifer in a wheelchair attempted to stop THIEVES leaving with stolen merchandise. One of the most viewed videos is of her attempting to block a fire exit the THIEVES were using to enter and leave the store.

The Minneapolis Monsters didn’t like what she was doing where they proceeded to attack her, striking, throwing bottles at her and one monster discharged a dry powder/ chemical fire extinguisher at her! Now as you can hear in the video a woman is repeatedly saying Jennifer has a knife and is stabbing people. This is true, what many are leaving out was what led up to her pulling the knife….

Here’s all the clips correctly pieced together with the most important clip left out! See if you can spot it?

As you can see a “female” wearing a Winnie the Pooh backpack was reaching into a bag attached to the side of Jennifer’s chair, while another struck her repeatedly in the head! It’s safe to say if you were in a wheelchair and people began attacking you, you would pull out whatever weapon you had available. As for Jennifer stabbing people, there haven’t been any reports of people seeking medical care for stabbing wounds, she more than likely brandished it giving the appearance she was stabbing people.

Yes, it wasn’t wise for Jennifer to try to stop these people from stealing but no one else was doing anything to stop them. The police are under seize and apparently when all hell breaks loose the monsters are given free rein regardless of where these riots break out in America

Jennifer at least did something while others stood by and watched. We need more people to stand up to evil.