Maxine Waters Blames Trump For Cop Who ‘Enjoyed’ Kneeling on George Floyd


You didn’t think we would get through this controversial situation in Minneapolis without Maxine Waters weighing in did you!? As you would expect Waters was her typical hateful, divisive self, making outlandish statements about white supremacy, pointing blame at Pres Trump’s “dog whistling” for the cop kneeling on George Floyd’s neck and that he ‘enjoyed doing what he was doing’!

Obviously the cops is POS, who was on a power trip doing what he did, and hopefully he will be behind bars very soon for what he did, but to blame Trump, this woman is sick. No matter what it is this monster will blame Trump for it, because she’s so desperate to cause divide and convince her supporters Trump is this evil man and must be voted out.

Off Topic: How stupid is this woman to wear a mask while in her own office to give an interview!? Look at her she doesn’t even know the right way wear it as she moves it around repeatedly and touching her face. Hey Wiggy next time you might want to press it down around your nose, that’s why it has the metal strip in it. Yes, she’s more than likely one of those types who also wears it while driving in her car too. But she also represents an entire district who believes her every word about this scamdemic! This site is not kidding around when it labels people like Waters dangerous. Far too much power and influence.