Looters Will Be Shot


Pres Trump sent a tweet out that has sent the Left spinning in response to the riots and looting taking place in Minneapolis, closing with “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Twitter like clockwork censored the post, citing it violated their policies promoting violence, and countless Leftists piled on that Trump was being a hater, racist, glorifying violence and directly calling for “protestors” (THUGS) to be shot.

Not going to bore you with the rest, as you can see what the ringleaders and tabloid trash are putting out, it’s all the same.

Trump then responded to spell things out for the thick headed (more on that in a minute)

These people define thick heads, being absolutely desperate to paint this man as a racist, bigot, warmonger and dictator regardless of the fact he has not done any of the things he is accused of. The Left on the other hand have demonstrated their racist behavior bigoted behavior (this is the party who started the Civil War to preserve slavery), they condemn Israel (bigots). They got upset when Trump’s actions reduced tensions with North Korea and other hot zones avoiding war, they wanted war. And if you’ve been paying attention for the last couple of months democrats are the ones acting like dictators over all this lockdown nonsense. These are just a few examples proving the Left is exactly what they accuse Trump and the Right of being.

As for the tweet:
#1 Trump never called for anyone to be shot. His statement is not racist, it is as he stated later in the day a fact.
#2 Those ‘American citizens’ are not engaged in peaceful protest. They are rioting, committing assault and looting (STEALING) from businesses owned by people in their community.

Trump’s statement has been used by others throughout the years as a warning to what happens without the rule of law.

Curious, were the “Rooftop Koreans” in the 1992 LA riots racists, haters, glorifying violence just randomly shooting at ‘American citizens’?


How about all the home and business owners who posted “Looters Will Be Shot” signs up after natural disasters like in Houston following Hurricane Harvey, are they racists, glorifying violence, looking to kill ‘American citizens’?

Was a Florida state fire marshal racist and hater glorifying violence for shooting at a looter?
Hurricane Michael: Looter shot trying to steal fire marshal’s car

Were the police in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina glorifying violence after being given the ok to shoot looters?

Found this quote from Newsmax’s John Cardillo…

Last one, here you have police giving aid to a shooting victim who reportedly looted a pawnshop. Was the pawnshop owner a rabid racist, taking all his glory in violence like Trump too!?

George Floyd protests turn deadly after man shot outside pawn shop

History PROVES what Trump said is not only fact but that he had ZERO malicious or inciting intentions. He was issuing a warning to get things under control otherwise people will get shot… and they did, 7 in Louisville! What the entire Left has done to him today is more of the same, more taking his words out of context to push THEIR hateful narrative/ agenda! And Twitter censoring him is just starting a war they won’t win.

Stop listening to the news, especially trash like CNN, MNNBC and even Fox News who you can bet did not spell any of this out.